High Quality Finishes 

Primo is the first and only exterior wood finish with epoxy protection. We offer a  new generation of multifunctional wood coating for harsh outdoor environments.

Primo offers superior weather protection for teak and exterior woods with easy application and re-application for maintenance.

Our new generation formula provides UV color protection with a durable epoxy finish. Our finishes shields the wood against damaging UV rays and produces an attractive appearance on the wood.

If used regularly Primo Wood Products will keep your exterior patio furniture, railings, boats, fences, shutters and doors looking great!

Our goal is to simply provide a long lasting easy to use wood coatings.  Primo was designed by hands-on professionals refinishers who are dedicated to making your outside wood last a life time

 The Difference

Epoxy Resin: Our finishes contain a single-component easy to use epoxy resins (nomixing).   Epoxy Resins are known to be the toughest resins on earth,  providing  superior  bond, strength and durability. These resins are designed to greatly extend the appearance of the wood.

UV Pigments: our finishes also contain new technology pigments that protect and rejuvenate the wood. These pigments offer extreme protection against the elements and block harmful UV rays.

Primo Sealers is specially designed for exotic woods and wonderful on Teak, Ipe, Balu and Mahogany, 

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